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Thirumalai Mission
Thirumalai Mission

Welcome To TMH



The Health Care Destination That's Just Right For You !

Welcome to Thirumalai Mission Hospital (TMH)

The Healthcare Destination that’s Just Right for You!

Genesis of TMH

Set up in 2010 in Ranipet as a unit of Thirumalai Charity Trust (TCT), the Thirumalai Mission Hospital is a commitment to the welfare of the community. The TCT is past its golden jubilee and has a track record in health and welfare services and enjoys credentials with the local community, business circles, and Government. Built on a 5-acre plot, operating with 50 beds out of a spacious, well-ventilated building that has ground plus three floors with a built-up space of more than 30,000 sq. feet. TMH is accredited for quality by National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare Providers.



To provide quality, ethical, accessible and affordable healthcare to all people with care and compassion


To create a replicable and scalable model of self-sustaining integrated rural and hospital healthcare

To continue to offer quality of medical care in all the departments and become an academic, training and research institution of excellence

To foster a spirit of service among the medical, nursing and allied health professionals


Legal status

TMH is a unit of Thirumalai Charity Trust (TCT)
TCT is registered

As a Charitable Trust under the Bombay Public Trusts Act

As a charitable organization under Income Tax Act

Under Foreign Contributions Regulations Act

Under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs  &&

Donations to TCT are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act

Growth of the TMH


TMH was started with about 10,000 sq.ft. on the ground plus one floor in 2010 and by 2014 added the first and second floor and added another 8000 sq.ft. A new block with emergency on the ground floor and an outpatient centre for diabetes on the first floor, a research and training centre on the second floor and an admin office on the third floor came up between 2014 and 2019 adding another 13,000 sq.ft. The external facilities for vehicle parking and a garden was also developed. All the required medical, non medical and office equipment for outpatient, inpatient care.

The highlights of strengths of the hospital to aid good medical services and unique services include the following:

A Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism Centre

Laboratory services that are reliable and of high quality and continuing improvement, and adhering to high quality standards; TMH entered the following:

New medical departments are getting added. The hospital has been improving and expanding its services to patients in OP, IP, camps and programmes of the hospital. Different kinds of health check-ups to suit the need and purse have been offered since 2010.
External Quality Assurance Services of Christian Medical College in 2011
Availability of Dexa scanner at TMH for screening and detecting osteoporosis since 2011
An Ambulance facility since 2011
Addition of Colposcopy for women for early detection of cancer from 2012
Laparascopy equipment to make surgeries less painful for patients since 2014
Electronic Medical Records instituted in 2015
Research studies are undertaken in TMH since 2015
A well-equipped Audio lab for E.N.T. Services since 2016
Endoscopy to detect problems of the digestive tract from 2018
Availability of a hospital management system software since the beginning that has gone through continuous development to meet emerging needs
Standardised protocols for care for chronic conditions and education for patient and family for managing them
A Medicare aid van to enable telemedicine for rural patients and organize camps in the villages, since 2020
A patient pick-up and drop facility every hour from and to Muthukadai and Bharathi Nagar
A TMH-Health Centre in the heart of Ranipet at Muthukadai, very close to the bus terminus, in 2022; the centre has the diagnostic and imaging facilities of a C.T. Scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound, laboratory, treadmill and an E.C.G.; Outpatient facilities for General Medicine, Cardiology and Dental practice are available here
We hope to detect cardiac ailments early and enable treatment. At the TMH, we have a visiting consultant for Cardiology to provide OP services. At the TMH-Health Centre at Muthukadai in Ranipet, we have a daily cardiology clinic. Patients can have a full evaluation of their condition with an ECG,an Echocardiogram, treadmill and a doppler. Our patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension go for a cardiac evaluation as per the recommendation of their treating physician. Patients requiring admission and further assessment are referred to our collaborating centres for cardiac care.