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Preventive Health Check-ups

Preventive Health Check-ups

Preventive Health Check-ups

The Health Care Destination That's Just Right For You !

The Health Care Destination That's Just Right For You !

The Health Care Destination That's Just Right For You !

Health Check-ups

“Prevention is better than cure.” Among preventive measures, periodic health check-ups and our life style modification rank first. Our lifestyle is changing to keep pace with the fast changing world. Unhealthy eating habits, drinking and smoking habits, inadequate exercise and increasing stress, contribute to the growing incidence of non-communicable chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and cardiac diseases. Health problems relating to the thyroid, hormones, gall bladder, kidneys and reproductive organs can be addressed adequately, if they are detected early. These present the need for a periodic health check-up even for those who do not appear to have any health problems.

We offer different kinds of health check-ups to suit the individual’s needs and conditions. We also customize packages to suit the needs of the industries and employers.

Quick Comorbidity Check

Quick Comorbidity Check:

Co-morbidities (Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, Obesity etc.) increase the impact and severity of other diseases like Covid-19. They can sometimes be lethal, if left unchecked for a long-time.

Tests: Blood glucose, HbA1c, Hemoglobin, ECG, Urine routine, Electrolytes, Spirometry, BP, BMI

Recommended frequency: Every year

Master Health Check - Standard

Master Health Check - Standard:

If you are above 40 years and healthy– these sets of tests will help reconfirm if all is well with your body and identify specific areas of health that you need to be cautious about- as you age.

Tests: Haemogram, Biochemical analysis, Lipid profile, Liver function, Urine/stool tests, X-ray, ECG & Blood grouping

Recommended frequency: Once in 5 years if all parameters are normal

Master Health Check – Diabetic

Master Health Check – Diabetic:

If you are above 40 years and there is a family history of diabetes, hypertension etc. (OR) If you feel there has been a drop recently in your fitness levels- this package will help detect health issues at an early stage and suggest timely modifications to your lifestyle and diet.

Tests: All tests of the standard package + Abdomen Ultrasound +HbA1C + Dietary advice

Recommended frequency: Once every year if pre-diabetic/diabetic

Executive Health Check – Gold

Executive Health Check – Gold:

If you are the primary earning member of the family and because of your busy schedule- you never had the time to take care of your health, this is the right time to do a whole-body preventive health check.

Tests: Standard MHC pack + Abdomen Ultrasound +HbA1C+ Vitamin D +Vitamin B12 + Consultation with our Senior General Physician.

Recommended frequency: Once in 2 years

Executive Health Check – Platinum

Executive Health Check – Platinum

If you are a 50+ male or a post-menopausal working woman- in addition to the Executive health check, this is also the time to take preventive measures against cardiovascular diseases and other age-related conditions like osteoporosis.

Tests: Executive Health Check-Gold + Echo Cardiogram + Whole Body DEXA scan + Dietician counselling + Fitness guidance from a physiotherapist

Recommended frequency: Once in 2 years

Adolescents Active Health Check

Adolescents Active Health Check:

Adolescents experience rapid physical, cognitive and psychosocial growth and so this is a very important time for laying the right foundation for a good life. Do a comprehensive check for your growing child and gift them a healthy future.

Tests: Haemogram, Liver function, Lipid profile, Thyroid function, Blood glucose, Urine routine, Creatinine

Recommended Frequency: One time between the age of 14 & 21

Women Wellness Check

Women Wellness Check:

If you have a family history of gynaecological problems, detect any gynaecological risks early and take timely preventive action.

Tests: Standard MHC pack + Abdomen Ultrasound

Recommended frequency: Once in 3 years if imaging tests are normal.

Senior Citizens Secure Health Check

Senior Citizens Secure Health Check:

Leading a healthy life and being physically active & independent are what everyone over 60 years would cherish. Do a complete check to secure your health & age gracefully.

Tests: Standard MHC pack + Blood glucose tests + Abdomen Ultrasound + Whole Body DEXA scan. PAP smear for women. Consultation with our senior general physicians and specialists.

Frequency: Every year after the age of 60

Obesity Management Check

Obesity Management Check:

Is your sedentary life affecting your health without you realizing it? If your Body Mass Index is higher than 25, it is time to modify your lifestyle- eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. However, you also need to check if your physiological functions are normal.

Tests: Complete blood count, Urine routine, Thyroid function, Liver function, Blood glucose, Lipid profile.

Frequency: Every year if your BMI is over 25

Thyroid Function Check

Thyroid Function Check:

Thyroid hormones help keep the brain, heart, muscles and other organs working. If you are feeling very tired most of the times and you are gaining weight or feeling depressed- the problem could be with your thyroid gland. Test today.

Tests: Hemoglobin, Creatinine, Blood glucose, Lipid profile, TSH, FT4, ATPO

Industries need different health check-up packages for their prospective employees, employees and their families and to meet certain regulatory requirements. We offer customized packages to the industries and employers based on their request.

We hope to detect cardiac ailments early and enable treatment. At the TMH, we have a visiting consultant for Cardiology to provide OP services. At the TMH-Health Centre at Muthukadai in Ranipet, we have a daily cardiology clinic. Patients can have a full evaluation of their condition with an ECG,an Echocardiogram, treadmill and a doppler. Our patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension go for a cardiac evaluation as per the recommendation of their treating physician. Patients requiring admission and further assessment are referred to our collaborating centres for cardiac care.